Skylight and roof light protection

Free-standing fall protection for roof lights

Skylight and roof light protection

Kee Dome skylight protection is a simple collective protection solution without penetrating the roof’s membrane.

Kee Dome collective protection is the preferred choice for protecting maintenance teams and workers working near fragile skylights and roof lights for three simple reasons:

  • Ongoing training is not required
  • PPE is not required for the protection
  • Rescue plans and procedures

Fall protection for skylights and roof lights

Kee Dome is a free-standing, collective guardrail systems for roof lights and roof hatches.

Our modular freestanding fall protection system is not only quick and easy to install, but is also extremely effective in eliminating the risk of people falling through the fragile glazing.

Simple modular construction

Kee Dome’s modular construction means the protection can be assembled quickly to provide solid protection for contractors and maintenance teams working on the rooftop.  The unit features recycled PVC feet which do not penetrate the roof’s surface.

Kee Gate self-closing safety gate can be incorporated into the Kee Dome structure for safe roof hatch access.

Why use Kee Dome?

Different Sizes

A range of sizes including Kee Dome Mini provide protection for differing roof lights dimensions.

Quick assembly

Kee Dome modular construction which makes it quick and easy to assemble.

Approved Compliance
Approved Compliance

Kee Dome has been designed and tested to meet current industry standards including EN 14122-3.

A few examples of how Kee Dome can be used

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