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Kee Guard® Fixed Guardrail

Superior Rooftop Guardrail Protection for Corrugated Roofs

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Fixed Edge Protection

Kee Guard rooftop metal support guardrail system is pre-engineered to work with both standing seam and metal profile roofs.

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Why Use Kee Guard Protection?

  • Flexible Design

    Preassembled post and open cup fittings cope with valleys, corners, ridges and changes in roof level.

  • Easy to Install

    The universal base plate with topfix mounting holes allows the rooftop guardrail to be fitted to most ribbed metal or corrugated roofs.

  • Approved Compliance

    Kee Guard has been tested to meet current industry standards including BS EN 14122 pt 3, BS EN 13374 Class A and EN 1991-1-4.

Modular Guardrail Solution

Modular components allow the edge protection to be configured to your specific roof configuration, including rooftop obstacles and can be installed in a matter of days.


The specially designed base plate removes the need to create a separate fixing solution for each site, which minimises site visits and downtime.

Need help with your rooftop guardrail?