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The Kee Anchor®

A mobile man anchor fall prevention system, designed for use with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). We supply Kee Safety’s ‘Kee Anchor’ product group that includes Weightanka, Wireanka and Accessanka options.

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Why Choose our Mobile Man Anchors?

  • Quick & Easy Installation

    Non-penetrating system. No welding, bending, or threading. No risk of damaging the roof surface.

  • Easy to Handle

    Modular, component-based system. No part weighs more than 25kg. Total weight 250kg.

  • Improved Compliance

    Designed, installed, tested and certified to EN795 and BS7883

Personal Protection Solutions

Without a collective protection system, a mobile man anchor system is often used to make working at height much safer.


The Kee Anchor range of roof anchors (Type B, Type C and Type E) are designed for use on roofs with no permanent guardrails or other anchor devices installed.

Worker connected to a Kee Anchor on a rooftop

Quick & Easy Installation

Our portable deadweight anchor systems are quick and easy to manoeuvre and assemble. It is very common for there to be just two workers assembling the system; this is usually a heavy and time-consuming job to undertake, especially when transporting to and from the rooftop. Kee Systems uses a modular approach to mobile man anchor systems, elevating the heavy lifting and speeding up the operation.


By using the smaller components, the Kee Safety range of mobile man anchor systems we supply, are much easier and lighter to lift and carry to and from the roof; our basic system weighs just 250Kg and no single component weighs more than 25Kg.

Kee Anchors interconnected on a rooftop

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