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Kee Pivot® Pallet Gates

Pallet Gates for Mezzanine-Edge and Raised Working Areas

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Pallet Gates give continuous edge protection on mezzanines or other raised working areas

The pallet gate operates on a fixed point which allows it to be manually rotated to either an open or closed position. When a pallet is to be loaded, the worker can pull down the gate, leaving the open section on the outside where the pallet can be safely loaded (see video).

When loading is complete, the pallet gate can be returned to its original position, ensuring that there is never a dangerous void in the guardrail system. This way, the worker is kept safe at all times.

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Why Use Pallet Gates?

  • Flexible

    Choice of configurations to suit virtually any mezzanine floor or raised working surface.

  • Adjustable

    Designed for quick and easy assembly. Widths can be adapted to accommodate openings up to 1.8m wide.

  • Durable

    Cycle-tested for 50,000 openings for durability. Salt-spray-tested for 672 hours for corrosion resistance.

    Strong & Durable

    There is no need for welding. The pallet gate is strong and durable, but accidents do happen. If the gate is damaged in any way, it can be repaired quickly and easily by loosening the fittings and replacing the damaged sections.

    Fully Adjustable

    The Kee Pivot® pallet gate is fully adjustable and can be used for voids of up to 1.8 metres. It has a recommended installation height of 1.1 metres.

    Worker storing a stack of equipment on a pallet, behind the Kee Pivot® Pallet Gate

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