Roof Safety Matting

CoverSafe Roof Safety Mats

Roof Safety Matting

Roof construction presents many hazards if appropriate safety equipment is not installed. Distributed by Kee Systems and manufactured by Oxford Safety Components, the lightweight, aluminium CoverSafe roof safety matting is a versatile temporary solution for keeping roof spaces safe and secure and prevent workers from falling.

CoverSafe roof safety mats cover roof joists to form a temporary yet solid stable working platform that prevent workers from falling onto the joists of the floor below, or even further. The CoverSafe roof safety mats are formulated with aluminium to create a lightweight but resistant fall prevention system that is adjustable in length and width thanks to Oxford Safety Components’ XSpan technology. They improve productivity when spreading the trusses out, nailing wind bracing, inspecting work, and any remedial tasks.

CoverSafe Roof Safety Mat Specifications

  • Open size: 3.6m x 0.7m
  • Area Covered: 2.52m²
  • Closed size: 0.75m x 0.98m
  • Max spread load: 150kg

Easy & Adaptable

CoverSafe roof safety mats are easy to insert and expand from the surrounding scaffolding due to their highly adaptable design.

We provide training and refresher courses on the CoverSafe roof safety mats. We carry out on site training where we issue certificates to all persons trained.

Why Choose CoverSafe Roof Safety Mats?


Speak to our sales advisors on 44 (0)208 874 6566 & we can help you determine the right equipment for your projects.


Need a one-off solution for your project? We can create a bespoke hire package tailored to your individual project needs.


Our dedicated ISO procedures ensure that every product has been inspected and maintained before a system goes out on hire.

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