Rooftop Safety Lifeline Systems

Safety Lifeline fall restraint and fall arrest solutions

Wire Based Safety Lifeline System

Safety lifeline systems such as Kee Safety’s KeeLine system, can be used for both fall restraint (keeping you away from the edge) and fall arrest (protects you from falling to the floor should a fall over the edge occur) safety solutions. The systems are uniquely designed for your exact rooftop specification, allowing you to work hands free safely at height. When a collective protection solution is not an option, or a concealed solution is required to maintain the aesthetics of a building, the KeeLine wire based safety line system is ideal for working hands free at height.

What is a safety lifeline system?

A lifeline system such as the wire based KeeLine horizontal safety lifeline system is a fall protection system installed alongside a fall hazard. Users connect to to the system via Kee Safety’s unique traveler, attached to a lanyard and a harness. Once a user is attached to the safety line system, they are free to move hands free around the roof surface.

The KeeLine safety lifeline system comprises 8mm grade 316 stainless steel wire and allows spans up to 12m between posts; the safety line system is suitable for up to 3 users.

safety lifeline system

Protecting your workers

The KeeLine safety lifeline system has been developed to allow safe access to a roof for maintenance and inspection workers.

The system features a Progressive Absorbing System. If a user falls, the shock absorbers, intermediate brackets and support posts deploy and deform, reducing the load impact to the building’s structure to below 10Kn.

Continuous Protection
Continuous Protection

Users are attached to the system at all times and have continuous ‘hands free’ protection and freedom to move around the roof safely

In-House Designed solutions
Bespoke In-House Designed Solutions

Customer solutions are designed in-house to suit specific roof types and layouts

Approved Compliance
Approved Compliance

KeeLine is fully tested and complies with EN 795:2012

60 Second Overview of the KeeLine Safety Lifeline System

A few examples of how KeeLine can be used

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