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Providing safe access to roof working areas

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Rooftop Walkway for Flat, Barrel & Sloping Roofs

Kee Walk provides a clear and safe demarcated route, while also protecting the roof from any unnecessary damage.


Kee Walk is an anti-slip level rooftop walkway system designed for maintenance personnel and other workers. It is an ideal safe access solution for when working on rooftops as it raises the walking surface and protects the roof from damage from foot traffic.

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What are Kee Walk's benefits?

  • Flexible Design

    Modular sections allow the walkway to be designed to your roof’s layout from 0 to 35°.

  • Complete Protection

    Combine with guardrail or lifeline systems for complete safety when working on roofs where there is a fall risk.

  • Approved Compliance

    Kee Walk has been designed and tested to meet current industry standards including EN 516 and EN 14122.

    Modular, flexible solution for your roof

    Kee Walk is designed for use on standing seam, composite, metal, membrane and trapezoidal roof structures.


    Modular step and traverse sections allow safe access to be created on virtually any roof configuration, including sloped roofs up to 35°.


    The rooftop walkway system can be freestanding or fixed to the roof covering and features an open tread design to ensure water drains away efficiently.

    Kee Walk steps up a sloped roof

    Add a handrail for collective protection

    Due to its modular nature, Kee Walk can easily accommodate the addition of safety handrails. These can be installed on either side of the walkway or both.


    When the railing is installed on both sides, Kee Walk can be used as a collective fall protection solution. Users do not need special training to use the walkway when guardrails are included: it can be accessed using standard PPE with no special requirements.

    Worker walking along the Kee Walk with a guardrail attached

    Protecting workers from fall hazards

    Kee Walk can be used in conjunction with lifelines such as our Kee Line or with an integrated guardrail for collective protection.


    Kee Walk with guardrail protects workers exposed to unprotected edges without the need for fall protection equipment; the premier collective protection safe access rooftop walkway system.

    Worker walking along the Kee Walk whist attached via a line

    Need help with your rooftop safe access?