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Trak Shield Safety Barrier

Keep Your Rolling Doors Operational

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Keep Your Operation Rolling

The most common damage to a rolling door is to the track. Damage to the track can seal a door closed or open causing lost operational time. Serious damage can cause the door to come loose and cause a more significant safety hazard.

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Why do you need a Trak Shield Safety Barrier?

  • Coverage: More complete coverage than standard bollards
  • No Interference: Protects without interfering with normal door operation
  • Protection: Protects against front and side-impact
  • Easy to Install & Replace: It is simple to install and swap out
Floor Mounted Trak Shield Safety Barriers set up against a wall, protecting pipes

Wall Set Trak

  • Universal design can be installed on the left or right by mounting to the wall
  • Easy to keep in stock in case of damage
  • 48” of protective steel wrapping
Wall Set Trak Shield

Floor Set Trak

  • Sold in left/right pairs for both sides of the rolling door
  • Floor mounted for greater impact resistance
  • 48” of protective steel wrapping
Floor Set Trak Shield

Need help with your warehouse barrier safety solutions?