Valley-Walk Mobile Cage For Valley Gutter Maintenance

Valley-Walk is a mobile walking frame designed for one or two people to allow safe maintenance such as inspection, cleaning and resealing of valley gutters.

The Valley-Walk has been designed specifically for use on fragile roofs and features cushioned outriggers for comfort which are fitted with safety mesh.

Easy to Assembly

Valley-Walk is easy to transport and assemble and gives 1-2 workers complete safety whilst working in a valley. The frame features cushioned outriggers which are filled with a safety mesh and can be used to transport a light payload. The Valley-Walk is suitable for typical symmetrical valleys but is also fully adjustable to suit asymmetrical designs such as northern lights.

Valley Walk
Mobile cage for gutter maintenance

Testing and Certification

Valley-Walk has been tested to EN12811

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for fragile roofs
  • Adjustable to pitches up to 85 degrees
  • Easily transportable
  • Simple and quick to use

Valley Walk Mobile Cage Brochure

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