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Fragile Roof Access

Valley Walk fragile roof cage protection – Ideal for fragile roofs

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Mobile protection for valley gutter maintenance

Valley Walk is a mobile cage system for one or two people. The lightweight system has been designed for light maintenance work and is ideal for valley gutter maintenance, roof light access and maintenance and working on fragile asbestos rooftops.

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Why Valley Walk for gutter maintenance

  • Quick Assembly

    Valley Walk is quick and easy to assemble so you can be ready to work within 30 minutes.

  • Approved Compliance

    Valley Walk has been designed and tested to meet current industry standards including EN 12811.

  • Safe Fragile Roof Access

    Mobile safe access on fragile roofs allows for easy inspection, cleaning and maintenance works.

    Mobile safety for short term work

    Our Valley Walk mobile walking frame is designed for short-term, light maintenance work for one or two people. The mobile cage provides safe access along valley gutters for inspection, cleaning and resealing maintenance work.

    3D Model of the Valley Walk system

    Designed for ease and comfort

    The Valley Walk unit features cushioned outriggers for comfort which are fitted with safety mesh and can be adjusted to suit the roof’s pitch. Suitable for both symmetrical and asymmetrical designs such as northern lights (steeped pitched glazing).

    Worker using the valley walk system on a roof

    Need help with a fragile roof access solution?