Fragile Roof Walkway Systems

Board-Walk for fragile and industrial roofs

Temporary fragile roof walkway

Board-Walk is a temporary fragile roof walkway which allows access from the eaves to the ridge of a roof.

This roof walkway is ideal for a temporary work platform on roofs as it:

  1. Provides a safe working platform around fragile materials such as rooflights
  2. Allows fast and easy access to the roof
  3. Provides users with a safe working position

Providing a safe working platform

Board-Walk open mesh walkway allows access to a roof from eaves to the ridge while spreading the load on support battens. This provides the worker with a safer working position. An integral full-length work positioning line provides added safety when using the platform.

Ideal for fragile and industrial roofs, the system is lightweight and easy to transport and assemble.

safe roof working platform
Ridge hook for Board-Walk fragile roof walkway systemRoof Board-Walk

Configured to your own roof requirements

Board-Walk is modular in construction and is designed to fit individual roof sizes and configurations. The system features 2m, 3m & 4m sections which easily link together to run vertically up, or down, or horizontally across the roof.

Optional accessories include single or double-sided handrails, roof hook and valley stop end.

Why Use Board-Walk

Flexible Design

Different section sizes allow the walkway to be designed to your work requirements

Approved Compliance
Approved Compliance

Designed and tested to meet current industry standards including EN 12811-1 and EN 795:2012

Quick Assembly

Can be assembled and dismantled quickly and easily by just one person

A few Board-Walk examples

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