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Inspection and Recertification

Inspection, Testing and Recertification of safety equipment

Once you’ve installed safety equipment such as handrails, safety barriers, roof edge protection, step-overs, platforms and access ladders, you want to be sure that they are safe to use at all times, particularly as you could be held responsible if an accident occurs and the system is found to be faulty and/or uncertified.

Safety systems such as these should be maintained and examined at least once a year as outlined in legislation and standards such as BS 7883 and BS EN 365, and in accordance with Manufactures Guidance in order to ensure it is safe and compliant.

As part of our Recertification, Inspection & Testing Service, Kee Systems’ qualified engineers will inspect and certify Kee Klamp and DDA Handrails, Edge Protection, Ladders and Access Platforms, this  includes, but is not limited to:

  • Checking that the installation is in line with the original drawing/plan
  • Checking the installation has not been modified or tampered in any way
  • Checking all base feet on edge protection systems are in contact with the roof membrane
  • Inspecting grub screws to ensure they are in place, greased and sufficiently torque
  • Checking mid and upper rails are the correct height
  • Ensuring leg centres are the correct spacing
  • Looking for any signs of rusting
  • Ensuring there are no sharp ends on handrail installations
  • Where present, checking brackets that support toe-boards on platforms and step overs are in place and sufficiently torqued.
  • Where applicable, fixings to walls/structures are in place and sufficiently torqued.

Once completed, we will provide you with a certificate of compliance or, if appropriate, a schedule of additional ­­remedial work/s required in order for the system to become or remain compliant.

In addition to the Recertification, Inspection & Testing Service, our engineers will also advise on any areas of concerns around the site.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements; please contact us on Tel: 0208 874 5726, or email: [email protected] for details of our inspection and recertification service.


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