WEIGHTANKA is a mobile, deadweight anchor device for use on roofs where guardrails or other anchor devices are not provided. Our Man Anchor has been designed to provide short term fall protection for low frequency operations such as for maintenance of flat roofs or plant and equipment installed at roof level including air conditioning units, telecommunications equipment and lightning conductors. The systems can be used on different types of roofs up to 5 degree pitch.

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WEIGHTANKA, our Man Anchor system, utilises a central pedestal (attachment point) to raise the height at which the arrest force is applied and so reducing the distance the anchor device moves during a fall-arrest event. A basic system weighs only 250Kg, with no single item weighing more than 25Kg for ease of installation.

The WEIGHTANKA system provides total fall protection for a single worker for fall arrest or two workers in restraint if they remain at least 500mm away from the fall hazard. It is designed for use with personal protection equipment, such as a harness and lanyard.

The WEIGHTANKA deadweight anchor system conforms to EN 795 Class E standards and is approved to meet the PPE Directive.

The system can be used on all roof surfaces, including single-ply membrane, asphalt, concrete, stone chippings (brushed) and mineral felt.  The man Anchor system features base weights fully encased in rubber moulding to prevent the pads from peeling at the edges. Our man Anchor is very quick and easy to assemble, utilising a minimum of loose components, and does not penetrate the roof surface or require any structural attachments.


  • Does not penetrate the roof surface
  • Single user for Fall Arrest or Two Users for Restraint
  • Supplied with full user instructions
  • No Part weights more than 25kg
  • Conforms to EN 795 Class E, BS 7883 & ISO 14567
  • CE Approved to PPE Directive
  • Hot dipped Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Base weights fully encased in rubber moulding
  • Independently tested at N.E.L (National Engineering Laboratory, East Kilbride N.B. 0320)
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Video Showing the Assembly of the Weightanka System

The video below shows the ease of assembling our Weightanka Portable Dead Weight Anchor System, the video has been sped up 3 time normal speed. The Weightanka shown in the video only took 6 minutes real time to assemble.

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