Flat Panel Ramp 1680 mm

The Flat Panel Ramp includes a slip-resistant design and visible painted coating, maximising safety for users and those who are able-bodied. Portable ramps are one of the most effective ways to ensure safe access for all to your buildings.

The Flat Panel Ramp is available in standard lengths between 500mm to 2500mm.


The Flat Panel Ramp is a non-folding, lighter version of the Portable Building Ramp, ideal for providing temporary ramp access when storage space is not an issue. The Flat Panel version of the folding wheelchair access ramp is suitable for a range of industries and sectors, including community equipment stores, commercial and retail premises, hospitality premises such as bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, as well as domestic use.

Length: 1680 mm

Width: 760 mm

Weight: 9.7 kg

Safe load: 300 kg