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Tube Size

Tube for Structures

The Kee range of fittings is produced in a range of standard sizes to suit steel tubing to BS EN 10255 (ISO 65), medium and heavy gauge, from 21.3mm to 60.3mm outside diameter; also equivalent sizes of tubing in other materials.

Tubing of other specifications can be used, providing the steel is compatible with BS EN 10255 (ISO 65) and wall thickness is not less than 3.2mm.

Tube Size Table

KEE KLAMP tube size Tube diameter (mm o.d.) Nominal bore* (mm)
4 21.3 15
5 26.9 20
6 33.7 25
7 42.4 32
8 48.3 40
9 60.3 50

*Nominal bore is an arbitrary dimension, because the bore varies with the wall thickness of the tubes.