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More uses for steel to steel connections

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When steel to steel connections need to be made, but drilling or welding is not possible, our Beamclamp and BoxBolt solutions can be used instead.

In our last blog post, we looked at three industries in which Boxbolt and Beamclamp are proving their worth. In this post, we’ll be looking at three more industries where our Steel to Steel Connections have incredibly useful applications.

BeamClamp and BoxBolt can be used in both heavy and light duty building services, and the products provide a strong but flexible connection, allowing for easy re-routing without the need for expensive remedial work, without damage to the main structure.

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With the inherently hazardous environments common in the petrochemical industry, drilling and welding is a very dangerous and time-consuming task to undertake when steel connections need to be made.

Beamclamp is an ideal solution for the connection of steel in the Petrochemical sector, as it requires no on site drilling or welding and therefore no hot permit, removing the need for expensive fire watches.

Simple hand tools and unskilled labor can make a BeamClamp connection, saving time and money on the installation.  In some environments, drilling or welding is totally forbidden so clamping is the only alternative to make a steel to steel connection.


Material Handling

The flexibility of BoxBolt and Beamclamp make the connection of steel for lifting and moving materials much easier than having to drill and weld, perfect for both temporary and permanent solutions.

The main benefit is obviously that connections can be easily realigned or moved to a new location without the need for expensive remedial work

Typical applications include:

– Connection of runway beams for overhead cranes

– Connection of track rails for ground running crane systems

– Connection of free-standing frames for gantry cranes

– Connection of single point lifting equipment


Stadiums and Ampitheatres

BoxBolt and Beamclamp are already used within several steel-structured stadiums and ampitheathres in a variety of applications. Beamclamp applications include:

– Securing Tannoy systems

– Connecting rigging equipment for staging

– Securing Guard Railing

– Connection of Grating for walkways

– Connecting seating for permenant or temporary situations

– Hanging pipework and duting for the building services

– Connection of floodlight systems

– Securing large structures for signs and advertising

BoxBolt, as well as the above, could also be used in the following applications:

– Connecting main steel tube together

– Connection of seating without acces to the underside of the supporting steel

– Connection of guardrailing and ballustrades

– Connection of glass facades

For more information about BoxBolt and Beamclamp, or to enquire about a project, call us on 0208 874 6566 or use our online contact form.

Wed, 03/14/2018 – 12:55

When steel to steel connections need to be made, but drilling or welding is not possible, our Beamclamp and BoxBolt solutions can be used instead.