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Video: Kee Systems ensures rooflight safety

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Kee Systems provided extensive fragile roof safety solutions for tile manufacturer Porcelanosa’s UK sites.

As part of its commitment to safety, Porcelanosa started a programme to ensure safe access to its roofs for maintenance purposes and came across Kee Systems and our Kee Cover while researching skylight protection.

Kee Cover provides an effective, robust solution for protecting fragile roof lights and skylights, and is perfect for industrial sites such as factories and warehouses.

We carried out a site survey at the largest site in Watford before quoting for all six sites, and work was completed in November 2018. The modular design allowed the covers to be installed quickly and easily, minimising disruption to the busy retail sites.

All fragile skylights on Porcelanosa’s main UK retail outlets are now fully protected, allowing maintenance work to be carried out in complete safety.

We produced a video case study with the permission of Porcelanosa to illustrate how simple and straightforward the Kee Covers were to install, and you can watch it below.

Fore more information on Kee Cover, or any of our safety solutions, call us on 0208 874 6566 or use our online contact form.

Wed, 01/16/2019 – 19:52

Kee Systems provided extensive fragile roof safety solutions for tile manufacturer Porcelanosa’s UK sites.