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Warehouse Protection Barriers: Protect Warehouse Workers & Environment

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The risk of theft is always greater than the benefits and costs for employees or valuable goods in a warehouse. Often the cause of accidents occurs in warehouses or other environments due to lack of awareness or vehicle accidents going off the course of their path. It may be that there are not enough measures to stop the problem happening. According to the HSE each year more than 5000 workplace fatalities occur due to accidents involving the transport industry. The majority is dead.


Controlling pedestrian access in warehouses

Warehouse protection barriers provide optimum safety measures and provide vital protection and other advantages to your workers. Safety barriers help reduce pedestrian traffic in storage warehouses since they provide a high level of safety. Warehouses, industrial factories and the surrounding areas are notoriously hazardous areas with many risks.

Separating people from vehicles in warehouses

At Kee Systems, we offer several barriers to enable highly vulnerable site-operation to not be a concern in any vehicle-associated incident. Our 300mm effective yellow beam provides excellent visibility and weatherproof finish. The effective safety barrier relates to the physical and visible barrier that helps minimize potential injury or damage resulting from vehicle crash.

Traffic Shield safety barriers

Why Are Warehouses So Dangerous?

Warehouses are busy places where heavy lifting is a commonplace. Companies welcome a large number of workers each day – most of them are temporary and have no training. Therefore there is an increased risk of an unrecognized understanding of current safety measures. Combining them creates a situation where injury and accident occur most. Even seemingly innocent accidents like slippage can be dangerous if done at these locations and can be fatal to the person.

Being hit by falling or moving objects

During warehousing workers may suffer injuries resulting from falling objects. A high risk of falling items is especially prevalent within warehouses with high ceilings. Items could fall from poorly installed crates, poorly maintained or abused, from people who work in high-altitude or from cranes, elevated platforms, or forklift trucks. A certain area or specific function of the warehouse should indicate clearly what impact could happen if the objects fall or hit someone to prevent the unauthorised entry into the facility. Racks can withstand overloaded loading and lack of traction.

Falls from height

It is normal that the warehouse worker will work at high altitudes, such as lifting goods off high shelves using ladders if necessary or removing objects. It is advisable to avoid employees working in high positions. It is advisable to have protective equipment to avoid falling while lifting. If this risk is too high, the equipment must be provided which minimises the risk that people fall. Employee training should be adequate to work on high ground.

Reducing injuries, illness, and fatalities

Practicing a high standard of health and security helps decrease the incidence of injury and work-related illness and reduces the risk of a fatal accident. There were more than 31,000 non-fatal and 15 fatal work injury cases attributed to transportation and storage companies in the 2017/18 period, and over 500,000 people have health issues. When you implement the correct warehouse safety measures, you are guaranteed that your staff can perform their tasks as safely as possible, reducing the chance of an accident.

Warehouse traffic safety

Typical danger: Warehouse transportation is dangerous, but potentially fatal. Solutions: Dedicated warehouse traffic safety systems with competent drivers and a staff who are aware of the risks and how traffic can move. The average accident rate is 4.5 times the annual number of fatalities in automobiles and 50 in the workplace. It may be that in your warehouse you have delivery trucks that come from the site and also a vehicle that can carry forklifts, which pose a security risk.

How do we protect our workers in warehouses?

Kee Systems offers industrial safety products that can help you:

  • Create a safe workplace
  • Reduce employee injuries and improve productivity
  • Prevent accidents and damage caused by moving forklifts
  • Protect your most valuable assets – people and equipment- with products that are proven in the field.

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