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By Christian King, General Manager, Kee Systems Ltd

We often read about the need to ensure safe access to and from roofs or areas of height, but what about safety once you’re on a roof?

Today’s roofs contain a mix of hazards such as pipework, plant and machinery and changes in level, hampering safe movement around some areas, while making others difficult to reach.

Previously fabricated platforms were the natural choice for installation over pipework or between different roof areas to provide a safe means of access around the roof.  However, with roof configurations becoming more complicated, fabrication does not always provide the required design flexibility to overcome these complexities.

Step Overs and Bespoke Platforms are the ideal solution to providing access to areas where normal access can be obstructed.  These systems are constructed from fittings and tube which allow bespoke solutions to be constructed according to individual applications.

Step Over provide safe access over pipework

In addition to the flexibility of design, structures constructed from fittings and tube can be installed quickly and without the need for detailed site surveys and time consuming construction.  Assembly is simple, all that’s required is a hex tool and tube cutters, as opposed to fabrication which requires cutting and welding which can compromise the metal’s anti-corrosion properties, leading to potential problems in the future.  The modular design also enables changes to be made easily on site if required.

Access platforms ensure safety around plant and equipment

The Flexible Solution

Fabricated systems have in the past been more than capable of meeting the safety and access requirements of those working on roofs, however, with roof designs and layouts becoming more complex, so too are the hazards.  This is where step overs and platforms constructed from fittings and tube are starting to lead the way.  When a fast and flexible solution is required, modular systems are the natural choice.

Thu, 05/07/2015 – 17:46

The flexibility of fittings make them ideal for constructing bespoke access platforms and step overs.

Step Overs constructed from fittings and tube