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Why you should use fittings and not fabricate

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When it comes to barrier, handrail or even access platform design, the benefits of using fittings by far outweigh those of fabrication.

For example, fittings:

  • Provide a strong and durable solution
  • Are more resilient to corrosion
  • Can last up to 7 times longer than fabricated barriers and handrails
  • Eliminate the need for welding, cutting, threading or bolting
  • Overcome the need for skilled labour or permits to work
  • Save time and money as installation is quick and easy
  • Are flexible so barriers and handrails can be designed to meet a variety of on-site requirements
  • Allow quick replacement of damaged sections when required

Click here to watch our video Fittings v Fabrication which shows exactly why you should choose fittings for your Pedestrian Barriers, Stairs, Ramps, DDA Handrails, Guardrails and Access Platforms.


If you’re installing a barrier, handrail or even access platform, fittings offer greater benefits than fabrication.

Fittings are better than fabrication for handrails and barriers